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Glow Facial Treatment

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from $120
Duration: 45 minutes

Pier Street Cosmetics is pleased to announce the addition of Venus Glow ™ to our services menu. This non-invasive device uses the latest technology to open up and deep-clean pores, resulting in a more radiant complexion with a healthy, natural glow. Patients will enjoy a a fast, comfortable treatment with absolutely no downtime and instant results.

Venus Glow™ works with three components: a gentle vacuum, rotating tip, and two ultra-fine jet streams of saline. The vacuum gently pulls the skin upward to open up pores by removing impurities and excess oil. At the same time, the tip spins 360 degrees to evenly spread the saline that comes from two jet streams.

Each jet stream is smaller than the average pore size, enabling them to deep-clean the pores well. The vacuum and spinning tip micro-massage the skin to spread nutrients released from the bloodstream, nourishing the skin for an instant glow

Exact treatment protocols may vary by patient and can easily be customized to suit each individual’s needs.

Feel and see healthier and cleaner skin after each treatment.

Enjoy a fast, comfortable treatment with absolutely no downtime.

Venus Glow can be used with all skin tones and ethnicity.


Express Glow Facial (45 mins) $120

Customised Glow Facial (60 mins) $150


Packages Available